The UK's Johnson struggles to restore authority following a rebellion

LONDON (AP) London (AP)LONDON (AP) - British Prim Minister Boris Johnson was meeting

His Cabinet and trying to repair his authority shattered on Tuesday following his victory over

The no-confidence vote which has left him as a seriously diminished leader.

Johnson has pledged to "get back to work" and concentrate on "what is important for people in the British people"

that is, the health care, economy and crime, following the Conservative Party lawmakers voted by 221 to 148 in favor of Johnson's leadership.

Johnson had to get the support by 180 Conservative lawmakers on th

Johnson won more however, despite the fact that Johnson described his victory as "convincing,

the rebellion was more extensive than his supporters expected.

It also came down to a smaller percentage than the one Johnson's predecessor, Theresa May, got in a no-confidence vote in the year 2018